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AKG - The Story of a Legendary Brand
The Spirit of the Company: Understanding requires hearing and listening and having an open mind beyond all cultural, religious and regional barriers. AKG recognizes the individual needs of its customers, providing them with innovative solutions combined with state of the art production technology.

AKG stands for "Akustische u. Kino-Geraete Gesellschaft m.b.H." (i.e. Acoustic and Cinema Equipment). In 1997 our name changed into AKG Acoustics GmbH. Our products are dedicated to the transmission of voice and music: microphones and headphones for stage, studio and sound reinforcement. Industry & Telecommunication is another essential division of AKG. Established in 1947 as a two-man company, AKG quickly became a leading audio supplier thanks to many breakthrough innovations manifested in over 1,500 patents. For almost 6 decades AKG has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality microphones, headphones, wireless microphone and headphone systems, installed sound (e.g. conferencing), and accessories as well as of OEM and telecom products. AKG has accumulated special know-how in designing high quality electroacoustic transducers used in all of the aforementioned products. Products for the optimum recording and reproduction of sound, both of the human voice and musical instruments, are designed and manufactured in close cooperation with professional users. We provide "tailor made" solutions for all types of sound transmission, recording, and reinforcement systems. AKG products provide high quality, authentic listening experience, whether in music or language. The distinctive AKG sound is unmistakable and tailored to suit the individual needs of any user

AKG products translate sounds as encountered in the world of nature, speech and music into the signals used by the world of audio and communication electronics, and vice versa. Perfectly at home in both worlds, AKG engineers use their unique expertise, knowledge, and innovative spirit to creat products that combine advanced engineering with manufacturing excellence at the highest level of audio performance and quality.

The factory in Vienna houses all the manufacturing facilities for our world-famous products including microphones and headphones in both cabled and wireless versions, OEM, and telecom products. It is from here that 95% of our total output is exported all over the world. With a floor area of more than 20,000 m2 the factory is home to a logistically optimised manufacturing process. A unique operation in that it has to deal with an incredibly wide variety of products, manufacturing technologies, and high quality requirements. Our basic philosophy is to be flexible regarding methods and techniques while never compromising on product quality.

AKG's customers in the Pro-Audio area are professional users in the fields of broadcasting, TV, motion picture, sound recording, sound reinforcement, live music, theater, and conferencing. Product range for Pro-Audio comprises Dynamic and Condenser Microphones, Wireless Microphone Systems in VHF and UHF range, In-Ear Monitoring Systems as well as Headphones. Main products for consumer markets are wired and wireless Hi-fi Headphones. In the OEM and telecom areas, AKG is a supplier to telecom and automotive industry. Most important products are handsfree microphones, dynamic transducers for handsets and mobile phones, and headsets.

AKG products are a synthesis of aesthetic styling and optimum functionality. Microphones, headsets, and headphones all touch the user's skin so they need to meet a number of requirements to ensure skin compatibility. Ergonomic aspects, the way a product feels in the user's hand, the choice of materials and finishes, weight and weight distribution, etc. are all major criteria for AKG product design

Until 1975 AKG was owned by the founders. When co-founder Ernst Pless resigned, Philips Austria and Oesterreichische Laenderbank took over 75% of shares. In 1984 AKG went public; from this time on majority ownership changed several times. Up to 1993 the public company AKG Holding AG held 75% in the operative AKG GesmbH (limited company), 25% were held by the founder Dr. Rudolf Goerike.


1954: Foundation of the 100% subsidiary AKG Germany;
1969: Foundation of the UK subsidiary;
1979: Foundation of the Japanese subsidiary;
1985: Foundation of the US subsidiary; Acquisition of 100% Ursa Major/USA.
1989: Acquisitions of 100% Orban/USA;100% dbx Professional Products/USA
1990: 84,56% stake in Edge Technology Ltd./GB, including subsidiaries Turbosound, BSS Audio, Precision Devices; 100% Quested Monitoring Systems.

In 1993, GiroCredit as holder of the stock majority sought a partner from within the audio industry who would ensure the continuity of AKG. The ideal partner was found in Harman International Industries Inc. In September 1993 Harman acquired 76% interest in AKG, 24% were held by GiroCredit. In July 1994 Harman purchased the remaining shares from GiroCredit. Harman had an option to buy the shares up to the year 2000, but the AKG Group has been performing so well that the option was taken up earlier than planned. Since Harman stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, it does not consider it necessary to have private persons hold stock, be it directly or indirectly, in its subsidiaries. Therefore, AKG Holding AG left stock exchange in 1993, the liquidation of AKG Holding AG has been completed end of 1994. To take advantage of the synergistic opportunities between Harman and AKG as well as to shorten the lines of communication as much as possible. Harman realigned its professional audio activities in the United States to strengthen manufacturing, distribution and service combining operations which share common activities. AKG Vienna maintains unchanged R&D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of AKG products.


Accu Cable AER Akai AKG Alesis Allen & Heath Alto Alvarez American Audio American DJ Ampeg Anchor Audio Antari Antonio Hermosa Apex Applause Aria Armstrong Ashdown Audio Technica Auralex Avanti Axis AXL B.C. Rich Bach Behringer Benge Beyer Dynamic Boucher Bugera Casio Celestion Chauvet Conn Cordoba Cortex Crate Crown D'Aquisto Daisy Rock DB DBX DBZ Dean Denon Digidesign Digitech DW Drums Eden Elation Electro Harmonix Electro Voice Emerson EMG ESP Fender Acoustics Fender Amplifiers Fender Audio Fender Bass Amplification Fender Basses Fernandes Fog, Snow, & Bubble Machines Fostex Furman Galaxy Audio Gallien Krueger Galway Gator Gemini Genz Benz Gibraltar Glaesel Gretsch Guild Hagstrom Hammond Hartke Hayden Hiscox Hohner Holton Hosa Hughes And Kettner Ibanez Ikey Audio Jackson Jasmine Jay Turser JBL Johnson Jose Ramirez King KK Korg Kurzweil Kustom Laney Lanikai Latin Percussion LeBlanc Levy's Lexicon Loar Loriente Lucida Ludwig Luna Guitars M-Audio Mackie Marantz Marshall Martin Monster Moog Musser MXL Nady Nady Guitar Nady Pro Audio Nady Wireless Natal Native Instruments Nord Numark Odyssey Oscar Schmidt Ovation Pacific Paiste Palatino Paris Swing Parker Pearl Pearl Flutes Pearl Percussion Peavey Phonic Pioneer Prelude Presonus QSC Randall Rane RCF Recording King Sabian Sakurai Kohno Samick Samson Savannah Scherl and Roth Selmer Selmer Paris Sennheiser Seymour Duncan Silvertone Soundcraft Squier Bass Guitars Squier Electric Guitars Stanton SWR T-Rex Takamine Tama Tanglewood Tascam TC Electronic Musical Instruments TC Electronics Broadcast TC Electronics Computer Recording TC Electronics Pro TC Helicon Telex The Loar Toca Traynor Ultimate Support Vestax Vocopro Voodoo Labs Vox Warwick Washburn William lewis Yairi Yamaha Accessories Yamaha Arranger Workstation Yamaha Digital Pianos Yamaha Drums Yamaha Electronic Drums Yamaha Guitars Yamaha Keyboards Yamaha Live Sound Yamaha Music Production Yamaha Portable Keyboards Yanagisawa Zildjian Zoom
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