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Antari ICE-101
Antari ICE-101 Antari

Price: $1019.96
Antari M5
Antari M5 Antari

Price: $985.96
Antari IP 1500
Antari IP 1500 Antari

Price: $1240.96
Antari DNG-100 Fog Cooler
Antari DNG-100 Fog Cooler Antari

Price: $4249.96
Antari M-10
Antari M-10 Antari

Price: $1240.96
Antari HZ400
Antari HZ400 Antari

Price: $1614.96
Antari HZ-500
Antari HZ-500 Antari

Price: $2124.96
Antari DNG200
Antari DNG200 Antari

Price: $9349.96
Antari F3
Antari F3 Antari

Price: $1696.56
Antari SW-250
Antari SW-250 Antari

Price: $968.96
Antari AF-5
Antari AF-5 Antari

Price: $1039.96
Antari M-8
Antari M-8 Antari

Price: $960.46

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Antari has over 15 years experience designing, manufacturing and globally distributing multifunctional microprocessor-driven Fog, Low Fog, Haze, Bubbles, Snow and Foam generators and liquids for a wide variety of uses in the entertainment and effects markets. These include, theater, film, TV, DJ, club and disco and concert applications. Although Antari's business is primarily in the entertainment industry, the machines have also been used for hazard simulation, residential/commercial security, pest control, industrial humidity control, horticultural uses, hospital sterilization, and leak detection.

Our R&D expertise and modern production facilities combine with strict attention to detail to ensure total quality control. Our machines are designed and manufactured to conform to international safety standards such as CE, LVD, RWTUV-GS, TUV-EMC, ETL, ETLc, GS and UL.

The in-house team of engineers and designers allow Antari to meet and exceed customer expectations with innovative, effective machines. From the beginning, Antari has developed new technology and features into our machines. This is a core value of the company and continues to be of primary importance today.