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Elation UV Wash
Elation UV Wash Elation

Price: $143.96
Elation Design Panel 72 MKIIB
Elation Design Panel 72 MKIIB Elation

Price: $2199.99
Elation ImagePro 300 II
Elation ImagePro 300 II Elation

Price: $1104.96
Elation 64MB Compact Flash Memory Card
Elation 64MB Compact Flash Memory  Card Elation

Price: $26.95
Elation Narrow clamp
Elation Narrow clamp Elation

Price: $23.95
Elation Compu Art SD
Elation Compu Art SD Elation

Price: $639.96
Elation DRC EVLED Elation

Price: $1999.99
Elation Designspot 575E Open Box
Elation Designspot 575E Open Box Elation

Price: $2799.99
Elation Protron Star
Elation Protron Star Elation

Price: $367.96
Elation Pro FS 1000
Elation Pro FS 1000 Elation

Price: $639.96
Elation Arena Par
Elation Arena Par Elation

Price: $1529.96
Elation EPP862
Elation EPP862 Elation

Price: $13599.96

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The company manufactures a complete line of lighting controllers -- DMX, intelligent and non-intelligent -- for a wide range of entertainment uses. Included are controllers geared for lighting programmers, small to mid-level productions, rental inventory, smaller light shows, clubs, DJ's, musical performances, stage shows, theaters, churches, and large entertainment venues.

Among the company's most popular models are its Show Designer series, which are equipped with up to 1024 DMX channels and can control a large professional DMX light show, yet at the same time are surprisingly affordable. Two recently-introduced innovative models have also become hot sellers: the DMX Programmer, a compact tabletop 64-channel DMX controller with convenient features like a joystick and compact flash card, which is designed for use on the go; and the DMX Operator Pro, a hybrid unit that's two controllers in one -- an intelligent controller and On/Off stage dimmer - and is thus able to service a production's total needs.