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Denon DN-D6000
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Denon DN-D9000 $1299.00

Denon DN-D9000

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Denon DND-4500

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Denon DN-X1500S

Denon DN-X500 $449.00

Denon DN-X500

Denon DN-D6000


Denon DN-D6000

Denon DN-D6000 Description:

Denon DND6000 Dual CD/MP3 Player

Denon DJ has expanded its acclaimed line of dual CD/MP3 players with the introduction of the rack-mountable DN-D6000 Professional dual CD/MP3 player.

Denon DN-D6000 Features:

  • MP3 playback: fully supported
  • MP3 seamless looping w/B point trim
  • MP3 scratching
  • MP3 hot starts, MP3 effects
  • C.B.R. and V.B.R. encoding up to 320 kbps
  • ID3 tags, displays: (title, artist, album)
  • MP3 file search system (locate your files by name fast and easy)

Denon DN-D6000 Specifications:

  • Advanced MP3 Functionality: Hot Start, Looping, Scratching, Effects, ID3 Tag Display,File Search System, Supports CBR./VBR Encoded Files up to 320kbps
  • 7 On-board Effects: Echo, Echo Loop, Flanger, Filter, Drag-S, Brake, Reverse
  • Pressure Sensitive Scratch Disc
  • Next Track Function w/Adjustable Cross Fade (Pick Your Next Track Beforehand and Crossfade Over to It!)
  • 2 Hot Starts, 2 Seamless Loops & 2 Stutter Points per Track or Disc
  • B Point Loop Trim (CD & M