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JBL Control 25T $152.00

JBL Control 25T

JBL MRX515 $749.00


JBL MRX525 $999.00


JBL MRX518S $699.00


JBL MRX528S $999.00





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The JBL MRX518S - part of the MRX500 Series Loudspeaker System - continues the JBL tradition of exceptional sound. Since its inception in 1927, the name JBL has been associated with excellence, innovation, and superior sound quality. That's why Leo Fender saw JBL's D130 as the ideal speaker for his guitar amps. Continuing to define the sound of rock, JBL also became the sound of Woodstock and other major rock festivals. JBL's speakers are held to the most rigorous standards in the industry, and audio professionals worldwide rely on them for that reason. Not just for stage, JBL studio monitors were ranked first in a U.S. recording industry survey by Billboard.

JBL MRX518S At a Glance:

  • Newly Designed Drivers
  • Updated Cabinet Design
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Newly Designed Drivers

    JBL Professional designed a brand new range of 500W Differential Drive transducers in 12" and 15" configurations, perfectly matched to the brand new 1.5" annular polymer diaphragm compression driver producing a transducer engine that weighs significantly less than traditional transducer designs, yet their performance, sound quality and power handling are extraordinary. The constant beamwidth and power response of MRX500's custom designed waveguide is perfectly matched to its direct radiating woofers which ensures superb coverage throughout the frequency range of the system.

    Updated Cabinet Design

    Combining mechanical design expertise, new materials and a DuraFlex finish, MRX500 enclosures have been optimized for minimum weight and maximum ruggedness. Utilizing years of design experience, MRX networks are built using proven components in the most sophisticated topologies in their class. For maximum reliability, all input and loop-thru connections are made via Neutrik NL4MP connectors. In addition, the input connections can be easily reconfigured on the subs, for an efficient sub/sat cabling option. The dual angle pole mount on the MRX515 offers much more control than the typical single mount. With a 10? down angle the speaker can be directed down toward your audience, keeping the energy off the back wall enhancing coverage and clarity.

    Lightweight and Portable

    Performing musicians have long sought a system that is easy to transport, set up and adjust to the room, in very little time and typically with no assistance. Being your own sound man requires a hassle free system that is predictable and reliable, allowing you to quickly shift your focus back to the performance. The MRX is extraordinary in its coverage, allowing you to deliver super high quality JBL sound to every seat in the house. DJ's are in constant need of wide bandwidth systems that can handle long hours of punishing, high decibel sound output with deep bass response, tight mids and crisp highs. But the mobile DJ must be able to achieve all this in an easily portable, super lightweight system. The MRX is without equal for this application, giving the flexibility, professional performance and road-tough durability that is as necessary as the quality of the sound.The MRX line is a high quality portable PA that is truly portable. It's a perfect solution for houses of worship, schools or any venue that requires a mobile system. If you need a PA that is as easy to store as it is to use - compact, powerful and manageable, the MRX500 Series is your choice for sound on the move, even when it's just to the next room.


  • Super compact with top pole mount for Satellite speaker mounting
  • Power Rating - 500W / 1000W / 2000W
  • Frequency Range - 40Hz - 200Hz
  • Dimensions - (HxWxD) 22 x 21 x 27.5"
  • 500 watt continuous power capacity.
  • 18" VGC woofer
  • DuraFlex-covered, 18mm plywood enclosure
  • 16 gauge steel grille
  • die-cast metal handles
  • 35mm pole mount cup
  • non-skid rubber feet

    Get A FREE 25FT Cable With Every Order! SPKN-SPKN

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