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Mackie MR5
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Mackie MR5 $179.99

Mackie MR5

Mackie MR5


Mackie MR5

Power and Performance, at an Unbelievable Price

When you're ready to make the switch to pro studio monitors, there are many things you need to consider. For instance, it's up to you to create a mix that works on a variety of speakers-one that translates to boomboxes, home and car stereos, even headphones and portable music players.

So you need monitors that deliver a neutral starting point, and sound that is clear across the frequency spectrum.

You also want monitors with consistent performance, so whether you're on axis or off, cranking 'em up or turning 'em down low, what you're hearing is accurate. And you want all this at a reasonable price.

Mackie MR8 and MR5 Studio Monitors deliver truly professional quality and everything you need for critical monitoring-at a price that's unbelievably affordable. Wide, even dispersion means a broad sweet spot, minimizing funny dips or peaks in frequency response when you move off axis.

You get superior bass extension-tight and free from distortion-so your lows pack just the right amount of punch. And to ensure the best sound possible for your setup, the MR Series monitors feature acoustic controls so you can tune them to fit your room.

With their Active bi-amplified architecture, wide dispersion, ultra-flat frequency response and outstanding bass performance, you get superior imaging with impeccable clarity, for a truly inspirational, non-fatiguing monitoring experience.

Our MR Series monitors achieve their transparent sound quality thanks to these key design elements:

Minimum-Diffraction Molded Baffle:

When it comes to baffle design, shape matters; it plays a role in how sound waves travel.

Our baffle is precisely molded to minimize diffraction, so sound waves radiate smoothly, and are dispersed optimally.

Our precision waveguide is designed to ensure broad, even dispersion, and a smooth transition between highs and lows.

The result is a crystal clear image of your mix, with an ultra-wide, even sweet spot. Whether you're in mix position or not, on axis or off, you'll always hear an accurate representation of your mix.

Amplifier Design:

Amplifiers are the power behind a monitor's sound, but they can also color it.

Unlike with passive monitors, our amplifiers are precisely matched to the monitor design.

Featuring our proven Class A/B architecture, the MR Monitors' amplifiers are meticulously tuned to deliver ultra-flat frequency response, so the sound remains neutral.

To compensate for room characteristics, acoustic controls allow you to adjust High Frequency and Low Frequency settings (+/-2dB).

Balanced inputs allow you to get the best signal possible, but the option of unbalanced inputs mean you can connect easily to any source.

And MR Monitors deliver enough power to handle the toughest source material, at sound levels beyond sane people's requirements.


A speaker's cabinet is more than just an enclosure-it's another component that affects the overall quality and character of the sound.

Our cabinet features a rear port, carefully tuned to deliver superior bass performance with no audible vent noise.

Because air passes through the precisely engineered curved port easily, there is no distortion, and no build-up of pressure within the cabinet that could affect driver movement.

The rigidity of the cabinet's precision-braced MDF construction also prevents vibration, meaning your sound is always free from unwanted resonance.


Transducers are responsible for converting your electrical signal into sound, so consistent, unwavering performance is a must if you want sonic clarity.

We specifically create our ultra-low distortion steel frame woofers and waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeters to work perfectly in concert with all the components in each MR monitor.

You get a precisely tuned monitor that performs with impeccable consistency.


MR Series Monitors are ideal for a variety of applications.

Use the MRs to empower your mixes in the studio, or to add pro sound to your multimedia, gaming or home theatre system.

You can even use them for a great-sounding home DJ rig. The MR5 and MR8 Monitors share the same design, so they function great together, too, making them optimal for multiple monitor setups-just add a Big Knob -as well as surround systems.

For any applications where high quality sound and classic good looks are required, MR monitors are the perfect fit.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

We don't mean to toot our own horn, but there's a reason serious pros love Mackie gear. With every product we release into the wild-from monitors to loudspeakers to mixers-we up the ante on performance, reliability and affordability.

Our innovation and commitment to great sound is why so many of our products are top sellers, and why our gear has legions of enthusiastic devotees.

Okay, that sounded a little like a toot. But the point is, we make great stuff and we're proud. And we're really proud of our MR Series.

Sure, there are lots of other affordable so-called studio monitors out there, but they just don't cut it when compared to our MR Series-and they aren't backed by our years of experience.

Thanks to our hardworking and knowledgeable audio experts, we've once again set a whole new standard.

Simply put, our MR5 and MR8 Monitors sound and perform better than anything else in their class.... But with the Mackie name, what else would you expect? Go hear the difference for yourself at a dealer today.


  • Streamlined audio and MIDI recording, mixing, editing and mastering
  • Clutter-free, single-screen user interface keeps the music flowing
  • No limits on track count, virtual instruments, or plug-ins (except as determined by your Mac or PC's processing power)
  • Acid, Apple and REX Loop Browser with automatic pitch and tempo adjustment
  • High-definition 64-bit/192kHz mix engine for superior sound
  • Rack filters for simple creation of complex instrument and effect combinations
  • Multi-processor / multi-core CPU support
  • QuickTime video support for professional soundtrack creation
  • Control surface support including Mackie Control Universal, C4 and more
  • Over 150 new features and enhancements from Tracktion 2
  • T3 bundles give users everything they need to jam, track, mix and master a pro recording.
  • IK Multimedia SampleTank 2 SE w/ 50 sound sets
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube Uno w/ upgrade to Duo LE
  • Submersible Music DrumCore TK Diet
  • Garritan Personal Orchestra Tracktion 3 Lite Edition powered by Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player
  • LinPlug FreeAlpha classic synth
  • Linplug CronoX 3 Lite sample synth
  • LinPlug RM IV Lite drum machine w/ 100 kits and 500 MIDI loops
  • Mackie Mixing and Mastering Tools
  • Sonic Reality Tracktion 3 Project Collection w/ 500 Apple loops, 50 Rex loops, 250MB multi-track loops
  • SWA Video - Tracktion 3 Quick Start
  • Get Your Mackie MR5 Today!


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