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Marshall JVM410HCF
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Marshall JVM210H

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Marshall JVM205H

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Marshall JVM210C

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Marshall JVM205C

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Marshall JVM205HCF

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Marshall JVM210HCF

Marshall JVM410HCF $2775.00

Marshall JVM410HCF

Marshall JVM410HCF


Marshall JVM410HCF

The Marshall JVM410HCF 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head is one of the most comprehensive all-valve amplifier heads on the market. The JVM series delivers sophisticated functionality in a refined format. Hand built with pride and meticulous testing in Marshall's world famous British factory, the Marshall JVM410 amp head comes with a variety of voicing options to suit every guitarist.

For the player that wants superior quality for the price, Marshall has perfected this balance to a science. The guitar amp head's two channels offer uniquely defined sonic accents as well as effects loop options and MIDI control, which allows you to control a switch setting in a preset to come back to. The clean/crunch channel moves from crystal clarity to a forceful crunch for heavy blues and rock applications. This head does not overwhelm you with technical mechanics. The sound is all Marshall, a powerhouse of heavy six-string shredding.

Multiple, all-valve accents provide an amazing array of tones which are accessible from the front-panel switches, MIDI or via the revolutionary technology of the supplied footswitch. A breakthrough in amplification, the Marshall JVM series offers a powerstage built on the peerless EL34 designs responsible for the legendary Marshall roar.


  • Power switch
  • Standby/silent recording switch
  • Footswitch/MIDI program
  • FX loop
  • Master switch
  • Master 1 and 2 dials
  • Resonance dial
  • Presence dial
  • Reverb swith
  • Reverb OD 1 and 2 dials
  • Reverb Clean dial
  • Reverb Crunch dial
  • Clean/Crunch mode switch with volume, bass, middle, treble and gain dials
  • Overdrive mode switch with volume, bass, middle, treble and gain dials
  • 1/4" input

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