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Marshall VBA400
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Marshall VBA400


Marshall VBA400

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Marshall VBA400 Description:

The Marshall name, together with our famous scripted logo, has always been synonymous with world-class, valve driven tone. In keeping with this tradition, our 400 Watt, all-valve VBA400 bass head is being hailed by players and press alike as another true classic.

Designed with the serious bass player in mind and drawing from our many years of valve, 'tone crafting' experience, the VBA400 boasts a staggering 8x 6550 power valves, plus 3x ECC83 and 1x ECC82 preamp valves.

One of the main things that makes this amp special is the sheer vastness of pure valve power on tap from the 12 valves it houses. Consequently, we didn't want to dilute any of this natural purity by incorporating unnecessary features and controls. For this very reason, only the essential front panel controls have been included.

This said, the VBA400's 3-band passive EQ network for Bass, Middle and Treble has been designed so that it offers you all the tonal adjustment you'll need. Furthermore, this tone network can be totally changed by means of the 3 position Contour switch which reconfigures the mid range as follows:

  • Contour Position 1 - drops the low mids and creates a rounder, fuller fat bottom end.
  • Contour Position 2 - boosts the midrange, giving greater edge and aggression to your sound.
  • Contour Position 3 - moves the mid range higher than you would normally expect on a bass amplifier. This adds an aggressive twang while leaving the essential body of your tone intact, making it ideal for percussive styles such as slap bass.

Further tone control is provided by Deep and Bright switches. Engaging the Deep switch increases low-end thud without losing definition while the Bright option adds extra high-end brilliance and bite to your sound.

Other essential features include Active and Passive inputs, an XLR DI output, complete with switches for Earth (ground) Lift and pre / post EQ selection, a Series FX loop and a High / Low Fan Speed switch to ensure the valves are kept at a safe operating temperature.

Another very practical 'bassist friendly' addition is a Tuner Mute facility which, when activated, mutes the signal to both the loudspeakers and the DI Output, enabling the user to tune 'silently' in the live situation - providing a tuner is hooked up, of course!

Marshall VBA400 Introduction

VBA stands for Valve Bass Amplifier and who better to make a bass amp powered by valve technology than Marshall Amplification? Over 36 years of designing and manufacturing world renowned high quality valve amps has given us priceless knowledge, experience and insight in the world of valve tone.

The VBA400 gives you 400 Watts of Marshall valve power courtesy of 12 valves; 8 6550 power valves, 3 ECC83 classic Marshall pre-amp valves and 1 ECC82 valve.

In addition to great tone, the VBA400 combines a number of other exciting and useful features.Situated on the rear panel of the amp is a Tuner Output which allows you to keep a tuner in line at all times (the bass is still plugged into the input on the front panel).

Should you want to tune up during a live situation in silence, simply press the Tuner Mute facility button and both the sound to your speakers and to the DI will be cut off.

All valve amps need to be connected to a speaker before use and failure to do so will result in serious damage to the amp.

To ensure that you do not damage your VBA400 by inadvertently forgetting to plug your amp into a speaker, we have designed the unit so that power cannot be applied internally unless it is connected to a speaker.

The VBA400 also features an instant overall tonal re-shaper in the form of a Contour control which has three pre-sets to allow you to dial in three different characters in an instant.

VBA400 Front Panel Features

  • Power Switch
  • Standby Switch
  • Master Volume
  • Deep
  • Bright
  • Treble
  • Middle
  • Contour
  • Bass
  • Gain
  • Tuner Mute
  • LED
  • On/Off
  • Passive
  • Active
  • D.I. pre-post selector

VBA400 Rear Panel Features

  • Tuner Output
  • Effects Loop
  • Send
  • Return
  • D.I. Normal / Earth Lift
  • D.I. output
  • Impedance Selector
  • Loudspeaker Outputs
  • Fan Speed - Low & High
  • H.T. Fuse
  • L.T. Fuse
  • Mains Input

Valve Replacement:

The valves fitted at the Marshall factory have been extensively tested and selected to ensure close matching of electrical characteristics, which, in conjunction with the amplifier's internal bias and balance controls (which are not user adjustable) should ensure long and reliable operating life.

As with any valve amplifier, the valves (particularly the output valves) do not have an infinite life and will require replacement at some point. The life expectancy of a set of valves depends on many factors including how frequently the amplifier is used, the quality of the valves fitted and proper use of the mains and standby switches when powering the amplifier up and down.

Signs that the valves are nearing the end of their useful operating life include loss of perceived output power, increase in valve microphony (detectable as a background 'ringing' type noise) and deterioration in tone. When the time comes to fit new valves it is strongly recommended that only Marshall replacement valves, tested to the same specification as the originals, be used, and that these are installed by an approved Marshall service agent who has access to the measuring equipment required to set the internal bias and balance controls to optimally suit the new valves being fitted.

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