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Washburn B11K
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Washburn B9 $249.00

Washburn B9

Washburn B11K $499.00

Washburn B11K

Washburn B14K $699.00

Washburn B14K

Washburn B16K $799.00

Washburn B16K

Washburn B160K $1199.00

Washburn B160K

Washburn B11K


Washburn B11K

From workhorse to showstopper, our banjos are seen on every stage and played by some of the finest pickers in the country - or the city.

See how the addition of a banjo can broaden your sonic palate and add a new dimension to your music.

For traditionalists, you'll find all the tone & projection you'd expect from our world class instruments.

From tone ring to inlay, it's what a great banjo should be.


  • 5 String
  • Steel tone ring