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Yamaha UX256 High-performance USB-MIDI Interface for Windows 98 and Macintosh Systems


High-performance USB-MIDI Interface for Windows 98 and Macintosh Systems

Fast, Easy Setup and MIDI Control
Connecting the UX256 to an USB-equipped computer is simply a matter of plugging the supplied USB cable into the USB ports on the computer and the UX256. Then, once your MIDI gear is connected to the interfaces MIDI and/or serial ports, you're ready to roll. The UX256 features six MIDI IN and OUT connectors as well as two serial ports for direct connection to multiple synths, samplers, tone modules, and other music production gear.

Fully Compatible with Windows 98 and Macintosh Platforms
The UX256 comes supplied with dedicated driver software that will get you up and running in no time - whether you're using a Windows machine or a Macintosh. That means the UX256 is the ideal choice for use with the wide range of USB-equipped Windows98 computers available, as well as iMacs and the new G3/G4 Macintosh machines. As long as your desktop or notebook computer has a USB interface, you'll get maximum MIDI performance and control convenience with the Yamaha UX256 USB-MIDI Interface.

Simultaneous Control of Up To 256 Channels
In a single 1U half-rack space the UX256 offers six MIDI IN and OUT connectors as well as dual serial ports which can each handle five MIDI OUTs and one MIDI IN. Thus, with a total of 16 MIDI OUTs each allowing up to 16 channels of control, you have a total of 256 channels for serious MIDI music production. A total of 8 MIDI INs gives you up to 128 channels available for simultaneous MIDI input. The UX256 won't limit your control capabilities even when using sophisticated multi-port sequencing software. If you do need more channels, multiple UX256 interfaces can be connected to your computer's USB port.
* The number of UX256 units, which can be connected simultaneously, will depend on the processing power of your computer's CPU and the application software used.

Self-powered for Stable Operation
Although the USB interface does supply power for peripheral devices, the UX256 is powered directly by its own AC adapter in order to minimize load on the computers power supply. This ensures stable operation of the UX256 as well as any other peripherals connected to the computer's USB port.

Software Patchbay for Easy MIDI Routing
The driver software supplied with the UX256 includes a patchbay function, which allows MIDI connections to be re-routed without actually having to physically unplug and plug in MIDI cables. MIDI thru and merge capability is also provided for exceptionally flexible signal routing and control.

Basic Connection to a Single Tone Module
In this system the UX256 is connected to the computer via the supplied USB cable, and a multi-timbre MIDI tone module is connected to the UX256 via a MIDI or serial cable. With the supplied driver software and appropriate MIDI sequencing software installed in the computer, this simple system is all you need for basic composition, arrangement, and music production.

An Expanded System Using Multiple UX256 Ports
With six MIDI and two serial (TO TG) ports, the UX256 allows sophisticated control of multiple MIDI devices via high-end multi-port capable sequencing software. Capabilities include direct MIDI performance recording from a keyboard or